You ever felt guilty for throwing away food that was still edible? In our modern society, people lose the ability to trust their senses or are just too vain to eat a banana growing a black dot. TrackMag gives you security and helps you reducing food waste.
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TrackMag Teaser

According to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, around 12 million tons of food in Germany end up in the garbage every year. And that’s a problem that TrackMag could solve.

It is magnetically attached to any box. Whether it’s in the refrigerator or outside.
And connected through an app. An odour profile is created with the various gas sensors.
This profile is compared online with the database and conclusions can be drawn about the contents of the box and the condition of the food.

TrackMag Explanation

Emerging technologies

Invention Design outlines new products and tools with a strong future-oriented perspective. The latest technological developments are researched and evaluated in order to develop useful research-experimental applications.

Contemporaneously we had to face problems in our modern society we wanted to solve with our future based technology. Researching facts and data to get into the topic of food waste was revealing and changed the way we thought about the topic. With that solid knowledge of how waste is created and who are the creators of it, we worked out first possible fields of application. Supported by interviews with experts and possible users with their daily struggle with food waste in private households.
Design Studio

With Google´s Crazy 8 method we sketched first possible products with different approaches to the solution. Design principles were created to navigate through different ideas without losing focus. These were e.g multi-functional, for everyday use, reliable, instructive and sustainable.

With that guideline, more and more concepts were created, combined and re-engineered. Functions were added and removed based on user tests and use cases in our everyday lifes.
Colours and evaluation

Colouring the status of the food was extraordinarily important to send the right signal to the user. Wrong colouring could have been the same communication problem as the best-before date in Germany. We had to make sure to use colours that do support the durability of the most groceries.

TrackMag App

Team: Luzie Funk, Pius Burkhart, Niklas Moldan
Semester: 3
Course: Invention Design

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