A charming way to set time. reCore is a mobile time management device. Built with natural materials and the essentials only. 

Time management on the run made easy. reCore is a mobile alarm clock and timer that can fit in to your pocket and also give your bedside table a unique look. No frills, but a charming character. 
It was built for the needs of a fellow student.

For user centred design, it’s important to be clear about the actual problem. Meet your users, listen more, talk less. In this case the user doesn’t need any frills. Just an alarm clock with natural materials. 

Iterate your first concepts again and again to get closer to the users ideas. Use inspiration from other environments. This project was built on the idea and the functioning of an old radio with a frequency scale.

Build fast prototypes with the essentials only to get a feeling for size and interaction areas. Test these permanently to adapt little changes to your user. The final prototype for this project was built with an Arduino board connected to Protopie. 
Prototyping with Protopie and Arduino
Prototyping with Protopie and Arduino
Team: Niklas Moldan
Semester: 1
Course: Basics of Design

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